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Top Loaded Cleaning Machine

We are manufactures suppliers and Exporter of Top Loaded Cleaning Machine. Top Loaded Cleaning Machine for use in the Food processing Industry. Keeping the application in mind and also the constraints that normally exists at the site. We aredesigned for continuous process, heavyweight use and to suit customer requirement choice of steam or thermion fluid, heating models.Fabricated from stainless steel sheets of 16 / 14 / 12 SWG (as per capacity of machine) 304 SSL quality.Cleaning Of Component/ machined parts.Set the timer and Press start switch.We have developed washing stations which are manually functioned, Low volume process, Semi auto, Automatic, PLC and agglomeration,based system.Begin by running your top load washing machine through its first cycle with hot water and a good washer cleaner.

Top Loaded Cleaning Machine in many cases have replaced solvents without sacrificing cleaning performance.

Consider These Key Features And Benefits Of Top Loaded Cleaning Machine:
* 30 minute timer for accurate cycle times
* Drain valve makes draining and refilling quick and easy
* Stainless steel cabinet, parts basket (optional) and lid (optional) holds up to virtually any environment
* piezo ceramic transducers
* Industrial design/durability
* 30-40 kHz Sweep Frequency generator sprovides effective cavitation with no standing waves or hot spots

Top Loaded Cleaning Machine

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